Chain Orders

Place e-Power deals for your chain stores today!

Chain Registration Form                                                            Chain Order Form


Chain registration for e-Power is designed to allow a chain to purchase e-Power deals for all or specific stores in a chain. You still can have individual e-Power profiles for each store and register your chain to receive e-Power orders.


Register as a Chain Store:

Fill out the Chain Registration Form and send it to your Core-Mark representative. Please note if you do not want individual chain stores to have the ability to order e-Power deals, please make sure the 'This chain will not allow individual stores to order e-Power deals' is checked. If the box 'This chain will allow each store to order e-Power deals' is selected, the e-Power team will create and verify the store's online e-Power profile. All e-Power profiles must have a unique email. You will not be able to purchase deals for multiple stores under one account profile.

Chain Registration Order Form:

To purchase multiple e-Power deals, fill out the Chain Order Form with the necessary information and send it to your Core-Mark representative. You are allowed to purchase individual deals for the whole chain or specific stores in the chain.



For any additional questions or concerns regarding e-Power or Chain Orders, please contact your Core-Mark representative.