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Investor's Business Daily op-ed echoes NACS sentiment that new rules are an attempt by restaurant chains to gain advantage over c-stores. 

Shoppers spending less time in grocery, more in c-stores according to the results of two major national sudies by VideoMining Corp. 

It's the conundrum that convenience store retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers have been tasked with solving for the past few years. 

On-the-go eating has long been a retail mantra, and today's youth give the phrase new meanings. Younger consumers are adventurous abouttheir food, seeking unique and creative flavors and prodcuts for snacking opportunities. 


Understanding shifting consumer preferences around snacking can maximize incremental sales and profits. 

Millennials are growing up, and many of their values can be traced to life stage more so than  generational differences.  They are "waking up" and deliberately crafting more fufilled and happy lives.