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Exclusive e-Power deals from Hershey’s, Stride, and Procter & Gamble! Great additions to your store … don’t miss out on ordering these items! e-Power deals will be available from August 19 – August 27, 2014   HERSHEY’S ASSORTED BOGO STANDARD BAR SHIPPER, 168-ct — DISCOUNT DEAL Don’t miss out on this melt in your...
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e-Power Premiere

Category Insights – Deli | Fresh

Deli | Fresh DELI The category has been relatively flat in recent years. Burritos and Lunchables represent the bulk of the sales and will continue to dominate this space as these items fit well into on-the-go food options. having good variety is the key to growth in this segment. Placement Near frozen foods in...
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Cashless Society: An Experiment

One neighborhood in Manchester, England, went cash-free, to mixed reviews. A cashless society experiment in the United Kingdom resulted in mixed reactions from merchants. The project took place last week in a shopping district in Manchester, England, where electronic-only... [Read More]

When Viral Video Attacks

C-store industry gets burned by recent social-media post Consumer brands often strive to create online content that will go viral, that is, it reaches numerous eyeballs and promotes the company. The flipside, however, is viral content—often video—that sends a... [Read More]

Quest For Nutrients

The latest step in consumers’ journey toward fresh, healthy foods. Consumers are turning away from products that make bold nutrition claims. Terms like “fat free,” “low calorie” and even “natural” no longer carry much weight as marketing messages. People’s... [Read More]